Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controller is used to regulate charge from solar panels to batteries and block any reverse current from batteries. Since almost every renewable energy system has backup power storage, solar charge controllers are an integral part of solar systems.

Various types of solar charge controllers are as follows:

1. Pulse Width Modulated

PWM are the traditional solar charge controllers and are inexpensive and widely used in solar systems.

2. Pulse Width Modulated-Shunt

These inverters are used in applications where electrical interference is an issue.

3. Maximum Power Point Tracking

These controllers detect the optimum operating voltage and amperage of the solar panel array and match it with the battery bank. The result is an additional 15-30% more power out of the solar system compared to PWM backed solar systems. The MPPT solar charge controllers are the most expensive of all but they help to improve system efficiency resulting in faster recovery of investment.