Solar Inverters

Inverters convert DC power to AC power source. Most of the energy produced from renewable energy sources such as solar energy is DC, which is used to charge the batteries. Excess of the electricity goes to the grid. Before usage the DC electricity needs to be converted to AC which is done by solar inverters.

Inverters can be of three types which are as follows:

1. Hybrid Inverters

These inverters are primarily used for grid tie purposes but in case of power failure, they have the added advantage of storing backup power in the form of batteries

2. Off-grid Inverters

These inverters are used where there is a complete disconnection from the grid and entire dependence is one solar energy and backup storage source. They can also be used to provide backup power source in case of power failure from an electric company.

3. Grid Tie Inverters

These inverters are useful where there is constant supply of electric utility company. These systems cost less as there is no need of batteries, but the system becomes useless in case of power supply failure in your location.