Siddiq Shafi Group has the honor of being the pioneers in the field of Industrial Solar Water Heating. Siddiq Leather Works (SLW) has the distinction of being the first industrial unit in Pakistan to have adopted this technology. A 30,000 liters per day SWHS has been operational since March 2008 and has helped in reducing the heat energy costs in the tanning process. This system was funded by Higher Education Commission and NUST to promote Industry-Academia linkages. Based on saving in operational costs directly resulting from the use of SWHS, Siddiq Leather Works doubled the capacity of the system to 60,000 liters per day, back in March 2012. This is just another step on part of SLW to become sustainable and reduce carbon footprint and going green. This first step should encourage the overall industrial sector and tanning industry in particular to adopt this technology


Siddiq Renewable energy being part of Siddiq Shafi Group is in a unique position to promote this sustainable and economically viable technology to industrial sector in Pakistan.

  • Exclusive partnership with the largest manufacturer of SWHS in Asia

  • Complete support from technical team of our Partner at designing and installation stages

  • Five years of firsthand experience of operating the system

  • Installation and commissioning of a 30,000 liters system at SLW

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